The OpernTurm lights are back again – and the Lucae Fountain gleams in the dark

December 2023

A wintery glow in the heart of the city: After a one-year break, Frankfurt’s citizens and guests from all over the world will once again be delighted – the Lucae Fountain on Opernplatz in Frankfurt is illuminated again. Thanks to the support of the sponsor trio of WISAG, Columbia Threadneedle, and OpernTurm, the dream illuminations in front of Alte Oper will be turned back on again punctually to mark the beginning of the Christmas season.


Popular photo theme

Countless visitors to the city, not to mention innumerable Frankfurt citizens, are now to be seen snapping photos of the large, illuminated spheres to preserve the memories. And guests at Alte Oper can also step out onto Opernplatz after enjoying a performance and gaze in rapture at the glittering lights.


Wintry Christmas light sculpture

The seven large spheres are festooned with chains of LED lights and first set the tone in 2008: This year is the 12th time they have been creating such a festive mood on Frankfurt’s most beautiful plaza.


The fountain illuminations are essentially still the same sculpture as back in 2008, with the difference that over time the LEDs had to be renewed. Which is why we are doubly delighted that the OpernTurm lights are back in 2023 with their enchanting aura, broadcasting a festive image of the city to all corners of the globe.


For impressions of the illuminations, open Instagram and go to opernturm and #opernplatzlights. Or why not share your own images using the “opernturmlights” hashtag.


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