The building – tower and podium
The Art of Excellence

With its powerful elegance, the 170-metre-high OpernTurm rises up on Frankfurt’s Opernplatz. The OpernTurm, consisting of the tower with its clean lines and the rounded podium opposite Alte Oper, melds aesthetics with high technical standards and a contemporary building and usage concept. At OpernTurm, the best-known international companies work in offices that are the ultimate in quality.

OpernTurm is the shape that decisively forms the Frankfurt skyline and the heart of the city.


State of the Art
Fit-out and technical facilities

Natural stone façade

Bright Portuguese limestone Rosal
Natural ventilation thanks to the high proportion of natural stone
Reduced solar irradiation owing to façade projections
Energy savings

Basic axis

1,35 m

Floor-to-ceiling height

2.80m in the standard storeys 3.30m on the ground floor

Hybrid heating/cooling slabs

Suspended metal grid ceilings with integrated cooling
Individually controlled

Floor-to-ceiling glazing

Windows sized 5m² with opening vents in the tower
Windows sized 4m² in the podium
Optimum use of daylight
Glass offering solar protection and textile glare protection

Smart lighting

Linear luminaires using prism technology integrated into the ceilings


False floors throughout the offices, covered with carpeting

Modern lifts

10 passenger lifts in the tower
4 passenger lifts in the podium
Natural stone cladding
Innovative destination controls for swifter and more efficient lift usage

Art at Opernturm
Julian Schnabel’s Ahab shows what is possible – which is precisely why it hangs in OpernTurm.









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Making Ahab

The Masterpiece


Ahab is the tragic hero in Herman Melville’s whale-hunting novel Moby Dick – and the title of the largest painting that the renowned New York painter Julian Schnabel ever made. Fourteen metres high and 13.4 metres wide, the artwork was made specially for OpernTurm on used sail canvas. In the eyes of the artist, Ahab gives the building something human and brings it closer to nature, to the sea.

The Collection

Art is an integral part of OpernTurm

In the 17-metre-high lobby, alongside the large-format “Ahab”, there are also two works by former Städel student Manfred Peckl on display. “Meteorite” and “Black Hole” are made from thousands of star charts and focus on the topic of the Big Bang: Peckl takes the world apart in this manner, re-arranges it, and thus creates a new order of material and space.


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