Sweet Sample of the First OpernTurm Honey

October 2022

In the spring and summer months the bees from the OpernTurm’s roof terrace busily went about their work collecting nectar. Last week OpernTurm staff were delighted at being able to sample the first honey made at OpernTurm.


The black and yellow insects from the sixth floor have worked tirelessly this season collecting lots of pollen and nectar from surrounding areas and producing abundant honey. Beekeeper Reimund Saffian processed the liquid gold into honey made from flowers that blossom early in the summer and the particularly aromatic summer blossom honey. Now the first OpernTurm honey has been bottled. And naturally the jars carry the quality seal of the German Beekeepers Association declaring them to be “Genuine German Honey”.


On Thursday 27 October, all OpernTurm employees were able to pick up a gift destined to sweeten their day: There was a jar of original OpernTurm honey for each of them. At our honey stand in the lobby we also screened a short film featuring the beekeeper at work on the roof terrace. In it Reimund Saffian offers a few fascinating details about the OpernTurm’s very own bee colonies. Did you know, for example, that urban honey made from nectar and pollen collected in the city often consists of a greater variety of blossoms than does classic honey produced from what are typically monocultures in the countryside? Or that on good days a honeybee can produce around two to three grams of honey?


Anyone who would still like to try the OpernTurm honey or get another jar or two can order it directly from beekeeper Reimund Saffian. Simply e-mail him at: reimund.saffian@t-online.de

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