OpernTurm is turning out the lights for climate protection and a strong democracy – Earth Hour on 23 March 2024

March 2024

For the 18th time now, lights will be turned off all over the world on 23 March 2024 between 8.30 and 9.30 p.m. to set an example in the world’s largest campaign for greater climate and environmental protection. This year, OpernTurm is again supporting the WWF-led campaign and invites you to get involved.

The world over, the annual Earth Hour campaign is considered a powerful symbol. Together with other buildings, companies, cities, and municipalities, OpernTurm in the heart of Frankfurt will be switching off its lighting and thus sending a clear signal for a climate-friendly society, ambitious climate protection, and this year also for strong democracy. In this way, OpernTurm is also encouraging people to take action themselves and to get involved in their own immediate community.


“Your hour for the Earth!” – supporting the “Hour Bank” initiative

As part of Earth Hour last year, people from over 190 countries and territories all over the world came together for the first time to commit 410,000 hours to climate and environmental-protection activities for the so-called “Hour Bank”. This year, the Hour Bank is coming to Germany, too. Since 1 March 2024, WWF has been offering five different activities intended either to serve climate protection or to strengthen democracy. Every “hour for the Earth” is being banked globally this year, too – not just during Earth Hour, but over the entire month.


Anyone who so wishes can register for one or more of the activities on offer. They vary, ranging from clean-ups in public spaces and social interaction, to interactive learning on climate and environmental issues, through to sustainable laundry. Click on the following link for further information and the option to register:


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