Germany’s largest “high-rise beekeeping farm” on the OpernTurm

August 2022

Bees are crucial for the functioning of our ecosystems. Not that humans could survive in the long term without these furry yellow and black insects. Bees are involved in every third morsel we eat. So, by installing bee colonies on its roof terrace the OpernTurm is making an important contribution to saving the bees.

By pollinating plants bees make a significant contribution to biodiversity in flora and fauna and help to preserve habitats. They and other insects pollinate around 80% of all our wild plants and crops. In fact, around 85% of agricultural produce from plants and orchards in Germany depend on pollination by honeybees. Unfortunately, climate change and the loss of biodiversity are taking their toll. So given its strong commitment to protecting the climate and environment it was only natural that OpernTurm should become involved in protecting and fostering bees.

With around 800,000 busy bees on the roof terrace of the sixth floor the OpernTurm is home to Germany’s largest high-rise beekeeping farm to date. The 12 colonies of Carnica bees are lovingly cared for by experienced beekeeper Reimund Saffian. In selecting a suitable home for the bees at such a lofty height it was essential that their hives should be properly secured and storm-proof. And thanks to the varied supply of different plants that flower at different times of the year all within flying distance the OpernTurm’s city bees can find plenty of sustenance all year round.

The busy bees can collect plenty of pollen and nectar from the Rothschildpark and other green spaces in the vicinity, such as the tree-lined avenues or roof-top gardens. We are already looking forward to the first batch of honey.

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