Ride to the Taunus – first afterwork tour with Assos

July 2023

Into the saddle, ready, steady, go! In early July, the Bike Day on the forecourt marked the first highlight for cycling enthusiasts at OpernTurm. And it was followed last Thursday by something specially for all those race-bike aficionados – in the form of the excusive OpernTurm-&-Assos Afterwork Ride to the Taunus.


The starting gun sounded at 6 p.m. on 27 July: At the Assos flagship store in the OpernTurm arcades, despite the rainy weather, a small yet enthusiastic group of road cyclists embarked on our very first Afterwork Ride. With their two experienced tour guides leading the way, they ventured into the Taunus. All the cyclists wore helmets and took with them not only a repair kit – but above all the excitement of heading for the hills together after work.


At a strong but relaxed pace, they threaded their way out of town and gradually climbed up through the fields of the Taunus foothills to an altitude of about 300 meters before heading through the Lorsbach valley, past the airport, and back to downtown Frankfurt. After the three-hour social no-drop ride, which covered some 65 kilometres, all the participants enjoyed a fun get together with cool drinks and tasty snacks at OpernTurm.


What a ride! Looking forward to next time.

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