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Our intention is to influence society positively through sustainable, social and responsible action. Founded in December 2009 by tenants and patrons, the non-profit Association of Friends of OpernTurm has since launched various projects and initiatives relating to the tower.


Verein der Freunde des OpernTurms e.V. exclusively and directly pursues non-profit and charitable objectives.

Since its foundation, the association has been offering people in need prospects and supporting them in times of trouble, in cooperation with charitable institutions and advisory agencies. One issue especially close to our hearts is to support children and young people from socially disadvantaged families.

The core of our activities as an association is to carefully promote social projects as well as art and cultural formats to further the common good. Moreover, we help strengthen the career focus of young people so that they can enter the job world with the requisite qualifications and find their place in society as Frankfurt’s beacons of hope.

Be it by supporting concerts, festivals, music scholarships for gifted children, or non-profit organizations that work to improve the job prospects of disadvantaged young people and people in need irrespective of their origin – Verein der Freunde des OpernTurms e.V. succeeds in a variety of ways in enhancing the lives of people in need in Frankfurt.


“With our comparatively very privileged view from OpernTurm, we must never forget those who are in need, specifically in challenging times such as these.”

Main activities

Bringing people together, creating spaces for encounters, and giving society something positive back – that is what lies closest to our hearts. Through our countless initiatives, Verein der Freunde des OpernTurms e.V. has repeatedly succeeded in kindling people’s enthusiasm for culture, establishing a platform for dialogue, offering young people insights into the world of work, and supporting less privileged persons.


At the OpernTurmgespräche discussions, senior high school students in Frankfurt get to know the highly diverse world of work at OpernTurm. In the course of leisurely conversations, representatives of the various corporations offer an insight into their careers and their everyday working lives.

Goethe University Scholarship Programme, Frankfurt

Supporting young students by offering them scholarships – this is the intention behind the Deutschlandstipendium programme. Successful students who also work as volunteers receive financial assistance for the period of two semesters. The association supports one female and one male scholarship-holder each year.

Internationaler Bund (IB)

Enabling young women with a migrant background to find their way into a job – this is the express goal of Internationaler Bund (IB). Verein der Freunde des OpernTurms e.V. supports IB in realizing measures to provide vocational qualifications, such as IT courses and assistance with job applications. In this way, we help smooth young women’s paths into the market for jobs requiring good qualifications.

Promoting cultural and charitable initiatives

Verein der Freunde des OpernTurms e.V. supports charitable institutions and undertakings by making regular donations, in particular for events to promote culture and families. These include, for example, the Opernspiele games on Opernplatz, which offer children and young people any amount of fun and games downtown during the summer holidays, concerts at Alte Oper, the Stoffel Open Air Festival in Günthersburgpark and (in partnership with the “Live Music Now” Initiative founded by Yehudi Menuhin) concerts by students from Frankfurt’s Academy of Music in old people’s homes, schools, and other municipal facilities.

Christmas Wishing Tree Campaign

Bringing a little gleam of joy at Christmas to the eyes of children from families in need and showing their parents that they are part of a strong community – that’s the objective of the Christmas Wishing Tree Campaign, which Verein der Freunde des OpernTurms e.V. has supported since 2013. In cooperation with the City of Frankfurt, the children from a day-care centre fill out Christmas wishing cards that are then hung from the Christmas tree in the OpernTurm lobby. Active staff members from corporations residing in OpernTurm fulfil these wishes and place the gifts or donations under the tree. Shortly before Christmas, the presents are then distributed to the children and parents.

Supporting people in times of trouble

In close consultation with non-profit institutions and advisory agencies, Verein der Freunde des OpernTurms e.V. supports people in need in difficult situations in life. Viable solutions are devised together, and provision of the corresponding assistance supported. Thanks to this support, individuals in times of trouble have in numerous cases been able to see their lives take a turn for the better.

News from Verein der Freunde des OpernTurms

You want to do good?

Our Association is primarily financed by contributions from our members as well as donations and grants. We’d be delighted if you contributed to the effort.

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