A touch of Paris at the OpernTurm

April 2022

Spring has taken hold and a touch of Paris has wafted through the OpernTurm. Over the course of three days, handmade macaroons from the award-winning Frankfurt patisserie Anna Reckmann put a smile on the faces of employees of the OpernTurm tenants.

Be it in the morning on the way into the office or after lunch – from April 26 to 28, anyone working at the OpernTurm could sample marvellous macaroons courtesy of pâtissier Anna Reckmann. Made with the finest ingredients and dyed using the juice of fruit and vegetables, the colourful double-discs with flavoured ganache filling are not only a feast for the eyes, but also a tasty treat for the palate.

A correspondingly large number of employees had their day sweetened by the little delicacies. We are delighted that our macaroons promotion was so well-received.


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